What People Are Saying


“Before entering treatment and working with Alex, I felt trapped in a fearful and rigid mindset around food. My anxiety was so high, I was sure I'd lost the ability to nourish myself entirely. What did that feel like, again? My spirit and body seriously needed to know. I attended a free support group through Center for Discovery, and was referred to Alex for dietary support. When Alex emailed me back in response, I felt an immediate sense of trust between us, and that never changed. Throughout our time, Alex listened intently and showed me grace, but never once let my ED take over, or win while she was around. She walked me through dissecting my fears around food, and empowered me to trust myself again. THIS WAS HUGE. 

I so miss her take away, "intentions" sticky notes. I always felt seen and heard during my sessions with Alex, and that made a lasting, still present, impact on my recovery. The trust we built working together was the foundation upon which I was able to nourish myself again and I am thus so grateful to Alex! Today I'm still chipping away at patterns of the past, but am leaps closer to the unconditional self love and understanding we are inherently worthy of. Her humor, as well as her motherly love and strength, are contagious and incredibly inspiring. I absolutely recommend Alex as a dietary guide and stellar resource to anyone struggling with food and body.”

- MV


“I decided to start working with Alex because I was at a crossroads in my life and needed help. Her experience and her knowledge with my eating disorder is what drew me to her practice. Her knowledge and practice of Health at every size made sense to me and seems like the right path to go down.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle of anorexia. I had no control over my own body and decisions anymore. I was in a constant state of chaos and my body was giving up. I couldn’t make any kinds of food choices and I didn’t know where to start to regain stability in nourishing my body. 

While working with Alex, I have been able to see a lot of changes. Not only with my food choices, but especially in my relationship with my body. I am more kind and understanding with what my body is saying to me and the needs and wants that it has. Most importantly, I have learned to trust my body. 

I’ve had a complete turn around with my relationship with food. Before seeing Alex, food was the enemy and was harmful. Now I can see that food is my ally and only helps to make my life better and more rich. Instead of pages of things I am afraid to eat, I now have a very limited amount of things that we are working on. I am now willing to try new things and I actually get excited about food! 

I enjoy working with Alex because she is down to earth and real. Her personality is amazing! She doesn’t expect anything from me that she wouldn’t do herself and that says a lot to me as a client. She is the real deal and she is very knowledgable. She works to find what works for each client to make them successful.

I would absolutely recommend Alex to anybody! I do on a consistent basis already. Alex has changed my life for the better and I am so lucky to have her as my dietitian.”

- MW