My path to helping others.


My Story

My path to nutrition

My name is Alex McKee and I am a Registered Dietitian and a graduate from the Masters of Science in Nutrition - Didactic Program in Dietetics program from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. I am an expert and experienced professional in the nutrition and dietetics world, able to help people from all walks of life accomplish wellness goals through food-related and lifestyle changes. My focus is on helping people navigate their relationship with food and their bodies from a non-diet, body liberation approach. Our current society is overwhelmed with diet culture and I am dedicated to helping people work past these unrealistic health, wellness, and body image expectations. 

my education

I began my academic career going down a very different and adventurous path. After high school, I headed to St. Andrews, Scotland where I completed a four years bachelor's program in Social Anthropology. Although what I learned on this subject was thoroughly fascinating, after returning to Seattle and starting to work part-time jobs, I knew I wanted more. 

My love for nutrition, alternative medicine, and holistic healing stems back to my childhood. Throughout my growing years, my primary care physician was a Naturopathic Doctor who prescribed homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and herbal remedies in lieu of prescription drugs and surgery. My mom provided fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based proteins as a nourishing base for my sister and I. So, when the time came to look inside my soul and see what I really wanted to do with my future, well, those good ol' roots kept calling my name!

Luckily, Bastyr University, a natural medicine school just north of Seattle, offered an amazing Post-Bacceulearate program for those in need of LOTS of science pre-requisites to get into their Masters in Nutrition program, and I made the cut. Once I was in the Masters program I could not be happier with my choice. It was so great to be learning about my field of nutrition in depth, surrounded by Naturopathic Doctors, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, and Psychologists, allowing a multi-disciplinary health education to be achieved. It was a perfect fit.

After graduating from the Bastyr in 2016, the next step to achieving Registered Dietitian status was to apply and get into a roughly year-long dietetic internship. I was matched with Texas State University, close to Austin, and made my way down there shortly after graduation. During my 11-month long internship, I was able to gain extremely beneficial experience in a wide variety of locations. From general clinical work in a hospital to a speciality rotation at a children's hospital and community clinics to a mother's milk bank, it was a truly rewarding and life-changing experience. During my time in Austin, I also realized the people I really wanted to spend my time working with and sharing my passion in nutrition with, women and mother's. That epiphany lead me to creating Nourishing Roots PNW and I haven't looked back since!






Compassionate care. Empowering support.


the birth of my child

The summer before my final year of my Master's program, after returning from a month long nutrition volunteer program in Peru, I found out I was pregnant with my son. Although he wasn't planned, it was a wonderful surprise and has influenced not only the direction of my dietetic career but of my life. Going through my pregnancy under the care of a midwife, c-section delivery due to breech position, post-natal lactation support, and newborn care, it is SO evident the need for nutritional support throughout these stages of life as well as all other stages. I honestly have become obsessed with all things woman, pregnancy, mama, baby, and breastfeeding (although there is no shame in using formula as well). Creating a new family is a wonderful but hectic thing, and something I would love to help new families navigate!


my personal wellness journey

Even though I was given a wonderful health and wellness base to start with throughout my childhood, I have also faced many challenges along the way. Going to school in Scotland definitely had its adventure and excitement, but along with it came unwise health and self-care choices leading to depression, anxiety and low self-worth. Being able to work through those challenges and get myself back on a path of joy, health, and self-love was a wonderful experience of growth that enables me to truly understand others experiencing a similar path. 

During that time I was exhausted, had horrible gut health, and massive brain fog and just not in a good place physically, mentally or emotionally. Unfortunately these symptoms started to come back during my pregnancy and continued after, leading me to find out I had a dysfunctional thyroid problem. By working through ways to destress, eat the foods and herbs that can balance my hormones, improving my immunity and gut health, and putting my overall wellness a priority (even during grad school and my internship) I was able to overcome these barriers and feel revitalized about life. This didn't come easy and took a lot of support, self-reflection, and indeed many set-backs. But this makes me more confident then ever that I can truly help women who are experiencing the same or similar challenges, and together I can help them be the best them.  


My mission

Holistic healing using nutrition and lifestyle changes is something I am so passionate about and want to help spread my knowledge of. Working with women overall, pre-natal, post-natal, through breastfeeding, and along with their new kiddos is my mission. Providing care that makes no judgements but meets the client where they are at using a whole body, multi-method approach, is what I will strive to do with every person I work with.


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