Back in our natural habitat, the PNW!


I guess this is how mamas with babies move? Wowza, it has been a crazy 2 ... 3 … I don’t even know how many weeks. From finishing my dietetic internship at Texas State University and having to say good-bye for now to the lovely ladies I spent my year with, to moving cross-country back to the PNW, to studying for my registered dietitian exam, we have been B-U-S-Y. Needless to say I have fallen a little behind on sharing here and a countless number of other things but am feeling revitalized and pumped to get back in the groove! Keeping self-care and healthful nutrition as a priority during this transition sure has been tough, but it so reassuring to know that even after three weeks of inconsistency I can rebalance, refocus, and get back on track. And that is true for anytime you feel you may have gotten a little lost, or not met your wellness goals, or fell into bad habits, it is never too late to reassess and see what you need to do put yourself back into that #1 spot. Guilt and shame have no place in the self-love and happy, healthy life game! Otis and I are back in our natural habitat and ready to do the same!