Never underestimate the POWER of a WOMAN

You are worthy and you are powerful. With the most recent votes from our lawmakers continuing to try and undermine our place in society and our self-worth, I am being called more than ever to reach out and empower the women of the world. We are not only intelligent, nurturing, vibrant, and powerful but an absolutely vital part of a thriving society. We will not be put down, silenced, disregarded, or underestimated. We are worthy and I am here for you, to empower you, everyday, in whatever that makes your light shine and your essence soar. It’s not always about food and health, sometimes it’s about lighting that fire inside of you to remind you - ‘hell yes I can do this, I am woman and I am worth it!’ Do you know that you are powerful? I know you are. 


Where does your self-worth come from? Is it physical, mental, emotional? How can we raise each other up so that our power continues to shine against opposing and harrowing forces? My self-worth comes from being able to offer myself and those around me love, compassion, and strength to do what they (and I) find to be our calling. Not everybody has realized quite yet what that calling is, but it is the job of ourselves and those we choose to have around us (near or far) to empower and support us to find our way.

Every path is different and often shadowed with barriers and hardships, but creating a space for self-care, self-love, and self-worth is a vital step in that path. It may be baking, it may be selling clothes, it may be running after kiddos, it may be running your own business or anything in between. No matter what it is you decide to put your time and energy into, or what you hope you put your time and energy into, it is valid and it is worth it. Fuel the fire in the soul, feed the flame in your belly, but please remember you, as a woman, as a person, as an essence, you are POWERFUL and you WORTHY.

I fill my cup so I can help fill others, I nourish my body so I can heal my whole self, empower others so you can feel the power within yourself.