What to expect from an online nutritional counseling session!

I’ve been sharing a lot of nutrition and lifestyle information lately trying to spread the word of the amazing things that food and healthy habits can do for our body, mind and soul! But was exactly is Nourishing Roots PNW and what do I have to offer?

Here is the low-down about what Nourishing Roots PNW has to offer for new clients:

My philosophy of Care:

  • Passionate about creating a holistic and collaborative wellness journey that will empower you to take charge of your health - including nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care habit changes.
  • All transformation begins with awareness - understanding our bodies and selves as women is a vital component in making changes that will work for each individual. Practicing mindfulness and listening to our intuition is an essential part of this. 
  • Frequent appointments and a promise from me to be in consistent communication and support as a wellness partner is the best way to stay accountable to your goals.
  • Establishing a positive relationship with food is essential in creating healthy and sustainable habits.
  • Healing the body, mind, and soul through support of small and accessible changes is essential for success.
  • Incorporating alternative therapies and working as a team with other health care providers can be the ultimate opportunity to make lasting changes.
  • Empowerment also comes from within - compassion from me and for yourself is vital in making consistent changes.

Initial Session:

  • A 1.5-hour long initial online nutritional counseling appointment
  • Includes an in-depth nutritional assessment of your current lifestyle and eating habits, coupled with goal setting and support to accomplish those goals, to give you a running start towards wellness.
  • By providing online sessions, I hope to make these services easily accessible to fit your busy schedule. The use of a client based online health system also means I can easily communicate with you in between appointment to provide support and encouragement.
  • Appointments are also available evenings and weekends.


And now I have just started offering a complementary 20 minute nutrition navigation telephone appointment! This is a way to start the discussion about your path to wellness and nourishment. This provides a great opportunity to get know each other a little bit and brainstorm the next steps on your journey to life-long health and happiness!