Self-care, Self-love

Self-care comes from a place of self-love, of prioritizing yourself (even if it is something very small and simple) at one or several points throughout the day. As many of us often feel the burden and pressure of busy schedules and a mountain of responsibilities, self-care as a form of self-love can be the first to go.

Unfortunately, by eliminating these small acts of care we start putting healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, and sleep further and further down our list. Not only does this make us feel pretty shitty physically, mentally, and emotionally but makes taking care of our other responsibilities that much more difficult. I'm not talking about grand gestures that take a lot of time but small things such as a relaxing cup of tea at night, stretching before bed, or even drinking a warm glass of lemon water to get your day going can make he biggest of differences to your daily outlook!

What are some ways you could incorporate self-care into your daily routine? My favorite thing to do is to take just two minutes in the morning (using a timer on my phone) and just breath deeply. I know it may sound cheesy but for me, it gets my centered and pumped for the day ahead! I challenge you to try one new self-care act tomorrow (it's Sunday after all), if it doesn't fill your cup then try something else the next day. The point is to spend a little more love on yourself, so you can have that much more love to share. 💜