"To nourish is to flourish". 

Food has been around since the beginning of time, primarily to provide our bodies' systems with the nourishment they need to function properly on a day to day basis. Over time, food has transcended it's original use to have immense cultural, emotional, and personal meaning. When we take away these additional roles of foods in our lives, what are we left with? It's ability (and spectacular ability at that) to completely nourish our bodies to function and feel wonderful!

Not only does what we put into our body effect how it looks on the outside (including health of skin, hair, and to some extent body shape), but can have amazing effects in fighting off illnesses, regulating hormones, preventing many chronic diseases, supplying energy to our brains, and really making our body function like it was meant to. Therefore, food really can have incredible effects on our physical, mental, and emotional states of well-being.

And like I mentioned when discussing mindful eating, our body often knows exactly what it needs if we can become aware enough to listen. It knows what nutrients it is lacking (whether macro or micro) and can send signals through cravings, hunger pains, adverse reactions to foods, as well as a feeling of "aaaaahhhhh" after nourishing it with something it truly needs. Throughout our wellness journey, I believe this is a key step in making the right food choices for ourselves. We won't always listen to it or follow what it says but being able to hear it is a great first step. EveryBODY is different just as every person is, so tuning into what our bodies needs in order to be nourished and flower and flourish in all the ways we want will look a little different for everyone!

Over the next few days try to tune-in to how your body is feeling throughout the day. What do you crave when you are tired? What about if you are stressed or have a headache? How do you feel after you eat a healthier choice compared to a less healthy one (like with lots of sugar or salt)? Do you feel more focused after eating? Understanding our bodies intricacies can be a challenging process, but with a little dedication we can feel more empowered to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes that our bodies will thank us for. Next post I'll be talking about a few ways to incorporate healing foods into our diets as a way to recalibrate our perhaps out-of-balance bodies and put us on the road to wellness!