The thing about noodle bowls...

They're amazing and here is why:

1. You can add anything you want to them, vegetables, any sort of protein, sauces, switch up the noodles, you name it!

2. With all this awesome versatility they sure are pretty look at you know the more colors you get on the plate the wider range of bioactive compounds and micronutrients you will get in your system!

3. You can make them as easy or as hard you want.... I really like this part, because depending on my work load (and Otis's mood) I can either do something quick and dirty or browse through my cookbooks to find a more time consuming vegetable variation.

4. They taste amazing! Well at least I've never had one that came out bad and I've made plenty on the fly with what I have in my kitchen.

So now that I've ranted and raved, here are some of my go-tos for the different components of a noodle bowl:

- Veggies: roasted asparagus, roasted green beans, sautéed bok chop/kale/spinach, stir-fried broccoli/cauliflower... I could definitely get more adventurous with these!

- Protein: almost always baked tofu that has been marinated in a soy sauce, curry paste, sesame oil, ginger, and garlic mixture, yum!, also tempeh, or sometimes even adzuki beans

-Sauce: I tend to use a curry sauce using curry paste, peanut butter, lime juice, brown sugar, and some garlic. You can always use whatever you have and make a little bit, taste it, and add what you think it missing! Cooking is all about experimenting and noodle bowls are a perfect practice platform.

- Grains: this can include rice (try to make it whole grain) but I personally am loving the Annie Chun Udon Noodles that have been at Costco for a long time now, 6 pack for only about 5 bucks, deal! They are thick and satiating and a healthful choice.