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Empowering your journey towards peace with food, self-compassion, and body acceptance. 

Nutrition counseling located in Tacoma, WA.


Alex McKee, MS, RD, CD

Registered dietitian, founder

I'm Alex McKee, anti-diet registered dietitian and founder of Nourishing Roots PNW. I hold a Master's of Nutrition Degree from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and have a Certified Dietitian License through the state of Washington. I am a Health at Every Size expert and specialize in improving people's relationship with food, their body, and helping them feel empowered to challenge diet culture and allow unconditional permission to practice weight-neutral self-care. I have experience working with people in all life stages and believe developing a positive relationship with food and body is essential whether you are 6 months or 60. Through consistent and collaborative nutrition counseling I have helped people break free from dieting, restrictive living, negative self-talk, fear of food, and disordered eating in order to live a life encompassing self-compassion, intuitive eating, and body liberation. I am passionate and ready to help you reclaim your time and energy lost to dieting, weight loss, and constant focus on food!